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Detailed Track listing for the Live 8 Berlin DVD release

EMI announced the track listing for the Live 8 Germany DVD. The Live 8 concerts held on July 2, 2005 were a series of global events where-by musicians from all genres joined together to make a statement directly to the members of the G8. Their message was clear; They wanted the G8 to consider making positive choices abut debt relief in Africa.

The Live 8 Germany concert was held in Berlin at the
Siegess�ule. The word Siegess�ule is translated to mean Victory Column. The concert was held directly in from of this column and viewers of the concert could see the column rising above the stage in the background while they watched their favorite bands play.

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Title                LIVE 8 BERLIN
                        EIN TAG EIN KONZERT EINE WELT

Release Date  UK - November 7 2005 
                   US - November 8, 2005
Certificate     Exempt
Running Time  TBD - To Be Determined
Format          1 Disc PAL/NTSC DVD
Packaging      Fold-out Digipack in slipcase
Picture          16:9/Color
Audio            DTS 5.1 Surround Sound; Dolby 5.1
                   Surround Sound and Dolby Stereo
Subtitles       English, Dutch, French, German, Italian,
                   Portuguese, Spanish
ICPN             TBD - To Be Determined
ICPN             TBD - To Be Determined

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Live 8 Berlin Track Listing:

(Live 8 Berlin - Germany DVD)

Die Toten Hosen - W�nsch dir was
Die Toten Hosen - Steh auf, wenn Du am Boden bist
Die Toten Hosen - Hang On Sloopy
Wir sind Helden - Nur ein Wort
Wir sind Helden - Denkmal
S�hne Mannheims - Babylon System
BAP - Verdamp lang her
Audioslave - Killing In The Name Of
Juli - Perfekte Welle
Green Day - Holiday
Green Day - We Are The Champions:
Silbermond - Zeit f�r Optimisten
Silbermond - Durch die Nacht
Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red
Brian Wilson - California Girls
Brian Wilson - Good Vibrations
Renee Olstead - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Sasha - Turn It Into Something Special
A-Ha - Take On Me
Daniel Powter - Bad Day
Joana Zimmer - I Believe (Give A Little Bit)
Juan Diego Florez - You?ll Never Walk Alone
Reamonn - Halleluja
Reamonn - Alright
Roxy Music -
Love Is The Drug
Faithless - Mass Destruction
Faithless - We Come 1
Herbert Gr�nemeyer - Mensch
Herbert Gr�nemeyer - Bleibt alles anders
Herbert Gr�nemeyer - Flugzeuge im Bauch
Herbert Gr�nemeyer - Heimat
Herbert Gr�nemeyer - Bochum

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