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My Live 8 London experience. by L.M. Greer

The Live 8 concert held July 2, 2005 was an experience to top all experiences; probably the biggest, loudest and greatest gig that I have ever attended. I am sure without a doubt that this concert will end up in the history books and be something people talk about for a long time to come.

It's difficult to understand the massive amount of work that went into making the Live 8 concerts happen. Especially considering these concerts were planned in such a short period of time.

The battle call this time around 'make poverty history'. A bit different than the Bob Geldof back in 1985 ranting to the television "give me the fuckin' money".

It has to be said that even though the Live 8 concert was organized in such a short amount of time, every concert (whether it was Live 8 London or Live 8 Berlin, Live 8 Paris, or Live 8 Canada) was linked together without a hitch. I sat on the grass in Hyde Park, London and I saw Green Day in Berlin and many other acts as well from all over the world. I saw Bon Jovi and Will smith at Live 8 Philadelphia and watched Motley Crue at Live 8 Canada. The screen lit up with Nelson Mandela in Live 8 South Africa, and back to Bjork at Live 8 Japan.

The only flaw at Hyde Park Live 8 London was the fact that there was a delay of images and music. I heard a performer's music here in London and then saw their image on the screen a couple of seconds out of sync. It was odd that that did not happen to the foreign Live 8 concert contributors. When the Live 8 DVD set comes out I will surely buy it.

All My Favorite Acts

Live 8 London was awesome for me because it was single-handedly the largest collection of most of my favorite bands, all of them playing live, wonderfully.

Live 8 London, UK (continue review)


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