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Razorlight - "You could have it all if you wanted"

The Razorlight band includes Johnny Borrell, vocals, guitar - Björn Ågren, guitar, backing vocals - Carl Dalemo, bass, backing vocals
Andy Burrows, drums

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Set list:

Somewhere Else 4:09
Golden Touch 3:13
In the City 4:15


Up All Night

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Razorlight at Live 8

Razorlight, an independent rock began it's humble roots in London. In the summer of 2002, Johnny Borrell ( of the Libertines) and Björn Ågnen joined with drummer Christian Smith-Pancorvo and bass guitarist Carl Dalemo.

Daily rehearsals and a exhaustive live schedules created a fan base dedicated to Razorlight's razor-sharp songwriting, hard-hitting tunes and rock star bluster. Shortly after their Toe Rag Studios demo was on XFM radio and, in August, the band played Japanese stadiums alongside Radiohead , Blur, and Kings Of Leon at Summer Sonic festival.

The distinctive sound of Razorlight is hard to explain and possibly that is accurately because the band members themselves come from such diverse backgrounds. Their members hail from Sweden, Britain, and the United States. Their hit album "Up All Night combines the feel of punk rock, Brit rock, and even a twist of American oldies.

Their sound is distinctive and energizing. Some recon they have been heavily influenced by the Strokes, but Razorlight seems to pull off a liveliness that the Stokes are missing.

Johnny Borell has admitted that their biggest influence is Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats. Not only has he adopted Geldof's vocal style and mannerisms, their album title is a tribute to the Rats. Johnny has been quoted as saying "The secret of rock'n'roll is to work really hard, but make it look like you're not. You have to toil,"

In the UK, Razorlight's tracks "Stumble and Fall", "Golden Touch," and "Rip It Up" became hit singles. (Even though, these songs are not the best that "Up All Night" has to offer.)

Driven by vivacious guitars and a fast beat, the overall sound has an energy not seen is records for some time. Razorlight cannot be called "the next new thing" as their unique sound marks them as something much more than that.

Up All Night was re-issued in April 2005, including a new and previously unreleased single "Somewhere Else". The album stopped at #2 that month. This gave Razorlight their biggest hit single so far in their short career.

In 2004, drummer Christian Smith-Pancorvo left the band (for health reasons), being replaced by Andy Burrows.

In July 2005, Razorlight performed at Live 8 in London. Recently, the band has come under fire for not donating their extra revenue to charity. Razorlight claims regretfully that due to their "fledging status", they're unable to make such a commitment

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