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Snoop Dogg - "Drop It Like It's Hot"

The band includes Snoop Dogg, vocals

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Set list:

Medley - Ups And Downs 1:52
Hey Hey 1:28
Drop It Like It's Hot 2:49
Signs 3:27
What's My Name 3:05


R & G

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The Last Meal

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Paid tha Cost to be da Bo$$

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Snoop Dogg at Live 8

Born Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Snoop Dogg is the incarnation of '90s gangsta rap. He grew up in Long Beach, California. His moniker is reportedly a name his mother gave him early in his youth jokingly remarking that he looked like the Peanuts character Snoopy. Snoop�s troubled teen years ended in a drug conviction after high school.

Shortly after getting out of prison, Snoop Dogg turned to rap. He found escape from a life of crime through music. Snoop began recording homemade tapes with his friend Warren G, who happened to be the stepbrother of N.W.A.'s Dr. Dre. Warren G gave a tape to Dre, who was considerably impressed with Snoop's style and began collaborating with the rapper. Snoop Dogg was introduced to the world through Dr. Dre's The Chronic in late of 1992.

Snoop rapped on album almost as much as Dr. Dre, and his drawled vocal style  stood out on tracks like "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang". He quickly became the most famous star in rap, mostly because of his laid back, drawled, laconic rhyming. His violent lyrics implied something more than fiction and drew the attention of many.

Over the years Snoop Dogg has successfully blurred the lines between reality and fiction. His albums such as R&G, Doggystyle, The Doggfather, The Last Meal, have helped cement his name in rap history.

Snoop is well know for his hit songs "What's My Name?", "Gin & Juice", �Murder was the Case�, �Lodi Dodi�, and �Drop It Like It�s Hot�.

Pictures of the Snoop Dogg at Live 8 to follow.

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