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The Killers - "While everyone's lost, the battle is won "

The band includes The Killers, vocals, bass

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Set list:

All These Things That I've Done 6:09


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The Killers at Live 8

The Killers Brandon Flowers, vocals, keyboards - David Keuning, guitars - Mark Stoermer, bass - Ronnie Vannucci, drums

The Killers began when Brandon Flowers left LA and headed out to Las Vegas. It was there in the gem of the desert that Dave Keuning answered an ad in a local paper. The ad mentioned that Brandon was looking for a guitarist that was influenced by Oasis. According to Flowers, "He was the only person to reply to my ad who wasn't a complete freak".

They met up and hit it off quite well. They started going over ideas and within weeks they wrote their first song "Mr Brightside".

After trying out a couple of different bass players and drummers, Mark Stoermer (a former medial courier) and Ronnie Vannucci (a UNLV student) soon joined the group.

The band took their name from a New Order video titled "Crystal". The name was featured on the bass drum of a fictional band in the video. "It gave me the ambition that our actual band should be as perfect as their fictional band," says Flowers.

Although the Las Vegas heat is not the best climate for creativity, The Killers seemed to get by. Rehearsing in the garage with sweltering 120 degree temperatures was not always the ideal; they would also sneak into the facilities at UNLV to practice. It was during these harried sessions that The Killers began to live up to the expectations.

Word spread further about The Killers, and the band came to the attention of London-based independent label Lizard King and they were quickly signed. Their debut album, the fittingly-titled "Hot Fuss" was released in 2004 and featured songs about jealousy, paranoia; murderers, stalkers and AIDS victims. They wrote songs about aspiration and the desire to rise above the everyday. They made their way over to the UK for their first ever gigs outside of Las Vegas. They were able to quickly win the hearts of those who heard of saw them. The shows that they did in London were considered brilliant and the word continued to grow.

They set out touring the UK with British Sea Power and sold out headline shows.

The Killers hit the Hyde Park stage with All These Things That I've Done and although they played only one track, they played it very well.


The Killers music CDs and Live 8 DVDs.

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